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Wiki Atlas of World History

The goal of Wiki Atlas of World History is to create a site that shows civilizations, empires, states, and countries from the early days of civilization to present day. The site will show maps of the rise and falls of civilizations throughout time.

Homo-sapiens began to move around the Earth around 200,000BC. Around 12,000BC Humans started to form cultures, cultivate land, and live in communities, but only started to create civilizations in the last 8000 years. The earliest civilizations started around 6000BC, with the Indus Vally, and soon after civilizations independently began sprouting up around the world.



  • Form a list of all past and present
    • Civilizations
    • Empires
    • Countries
  • List locations and eras the civilizations existed
  • Create maps of civilizations and note changes in size
    • Ideally
      • SVG format
      • Single map format
      • Civilivations added as layers on svg image
  • Interwiki all civilizations with Wikipedia and any other applicable Wiki-sites

Why create Wawh[]

  • No unified atlas of world history exists on the web
    • some sources are close but all seem to have a focus on one or more areas (See below)
    • None are free as in freedom (aside from wiki commons)
  • Wiki Commons has an atlas which displays each countries histories,
    • wiki commons is an appropriate place to be used as a history Atlas
    • It is not organized as a history atlas, and does not cross reference by area or era
    • Images are not combinable (ideally Wawh will have a uniform map with civilizations as separate layers in svg)

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